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Artist Statement

Deborah Hodder received her Master's Degree in Fine Arts at Arizona State University with a specialization in printmaking. She has exhibited extensively throughout Arizona as well as nationally and is the recipient of numerous awards.

Deborah transitioned to clay 10 years ago in order to take advantage of the fluidity and freedom of the medium. The majority of her work is figurative and incorporates vessels as metaphor. Flower pots, shirt pockets, handbags, or groups of figures encircled display the juxtaposition of our instincts for freedom and security--the secure encapsulating the less secure and keeping them safe, or those encapsulated seeking freedom from the vessel that contains them. Simultaneously, the clay becomes the uniting element showing the interconnectedness and interdependence of others--both their similarity under the surface, and "figures in the round" individually adding to the total story told by the piece.